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Ambassador Program

Delve into the depths of the Global B2B Ambassador Program and become the passionate driving force behind international collaboration. As an ambassador, you embody a pivotal role in weaving global connections, propelling economic innovation, and forging exceptional business alliances on a planetary scale.

Welcome to the dynamic realm of the Global B2B Ambassador Program, a community of visionaries dedicated to propelling international collaboration and nurturing economic growth. Seize the unique opportunity to represent Global B2B globally, creating impactful connections that contribute to a vast world of possibilities in the realms of business, innovation, and global collaboration.

As an ambassador, you are at the epicenter, shaping the future of international business relationships. Explore the exclusive benefits of being part of the Global B2B Ambassador family, where every interaction you forge becomes a precious stone in building a world of endless opportunities. Join us in this quest to collectively shape the landscape of global collaboration.

Welcome Dr. Cristina DI SILVIO, Director of International Relations for the European Community for USFTI as the distinguished Ambassador of Global B2B for Italy and Malta! 🇮🇹🇲🇹

Dr. DI SILVIO, a seasoned event organizer, is a driving force in orchestrating impactful conferences and promoting social causes. Her prestigious honors reflect an unwavering commitment to justice and international relations.

A seasoned professional in the field of international diplomacy, Dr. DI SILVIO brings a wealth of experience and an exceptional vision to our global network.

Her remarkable career in international diplomacy reflects an unwavering commitment to building bridges between nations. As an Ambassador, Dr DI SILVIO will embody our mission of fostering global collaboration and driving economic innovation without limits or borders.

We are confident that her enlightened leadership will significantly strengthen the ties between Global B2B, Italy, and Malta. Welcome to the Global B2B Ambassadors family, Dr. Cristina DI SILVIO. We look forward to witnessing how your positive influence shapes a collaborative and prosperous future.

HENRI HUBERT: Visionary and Marketing Strategist at Global B2B

With over 37 years of experience in the business world and 15 years of residence in Vietnam, Henri Hubert serves as a marketing advisor at Global B2B. His strategic expertise significantly contributes to market development, bringing an innovative vision to the table. Former choreographer and show director, Henri is now the creative director of Le Nom, a leading visual communication agency in Vietnam. Driven by a passion for beauty and perfection, he emphasizes the connection between outward appearance and inner essence to convey true beauty. As a marketing advisor at Global B2B, he actively engages in social initiatives, including the "Run for the Heart" program in 2017, attracting over 15,000 participants for the VinaCapital Foundation, a subsidiary of a Vietnamese multinational.

We are delighted to announce Sonia Silva as the outstanding Ambassador of Global B2B for Guinea-Bissau! 🇬🇼 With over 16 years of experience in Investment Banking and a fervent commitment to the personal and professional development of youth and women, Sonia brings an inspiring perspective and valuable expertise to our global network.

As the founder of "For Women by Women," Sonia has dedicated her energy to empowering women, youth, and professionals through education. Her impact has been recognized with distinctions such as "Top 100 Female Leaders 2022 by Involve," sponsored by Yahoo Finance, and an award for her work in Africa.

Sonia embodies social and moral responsibility, firmly believing in the concept of "sending the elevator back down so others can rise." Welcome to the Global B2B Ambassadors family, Sonia Silva, contributing to shaping a prosperous and inclusive future in Guinea-Bissau!

Introducing Engº. Mario de Matos, our distinguished Ambassador for Global B2B in Portugal! 🇵🇹 With over 40 years of unparalleled experience in the Agriculture and Agro-industrial sectors, Mario has devoted the majority of his career to development across Africa, Asia, the Americas, Europe, MENA, Australia, and the US.

His extensive expertise is showcased through an outstanding track record in leading agricultural projects in various African nations, contributing to global initiatives. We are honored to welcome Mario de Matos as a key figure in our global network, driving collaboration, innovation, and economic progress. Welcome to the Global B2B family!

Livia Levy, a seasoned finance professional with over two decades of experience in wealth management for high net worth individuals. For the past fifteen years, she has been actively involved in philanthropy, presiding over multiple associations with a primary focus on improving the living conditions of women, children, and the youth in Africa.

Simultaneously, Livia has made a mark as an international event producer and business facilitator. Her dedication to social progress and diverse expertise makes her an outstanding choice as the Ambassador of Global B2B for Cape Verde, contributing to fostering collaboration, innovation, and economic growth in the region.

M'Bah Bonfoh-Bassabi: Ambassador of Global B2B in Togo*

M'Bah Bonfoh-Bassabi is a distinguished ambassador of Global B2B in Togo, bringing rich experience and unwavering commitment. With a background from the Institute of Executive Training for Development (IFCaD) in Brussels, M'Bah served the Togolese Ministry of National Education for many years.

His remarkable career includes key roles, notably at the Department of Equivalences for University and Professional Diplomas, as well as at the Consular Service of the Togolese Embassy in Brussels. Since 2011, as an independent in Network Marketing, he continues to play a crucial role in the diplomatic and professional landscape.

An eminent ambassador, M'Bah Bonfoh-Bassabi actively contributes to the mission of Global B2B, fostering international collaboration and strengthening ties between Togo and the rest of the world.

Valeria Rubino: Global B2B Ambassador in the United States (New York)*

We are thrilled to introduce Valeria Rubino, our distinguished Global B2B Ambassador in the United States. The founder of VSport, Valeria is a renowned video journalist, known for her captivating interviews with sports legends worldwide.

Her journey in sports journalism has taken her from engaging conversations with NBA icons like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Magic Johnson to in-depth coverage of football stars such as Thierry Henry, Harry Kany, and Gigi Buffon. Valeria's expertise also extends to the world of boxing, where she has interviewed personalities like Manny Pacquiao, Tyson Fury, Anthony Joshua, and Canelo.

With a strong background in renowned media outlets like NBC6 and ESPN, Valeria Rubino is a seasoned producer, editor, and technical director. Her passion for sports journalism and extensive experience make her an outstanding representative for Global B2B.

We are honored to have Valeria as an ambassador, contributing to Global B2B to foster international connections and collaboration across various sectors. Welcome, Valeria, to our global network of business leaders and innovators!

Fabiana Zangara: Ambassador for Global B2B in the United States (New York)*

Fabiana Zangara, Founding Partner of ZACA LAW, joins Global B2B as an ambassador in the United States, representing the vibrant business community in New York. Specializing in immigration law, Fabiana brings extensive experience advising both domestic and foreign companies, as well as individuals, on a broad range of nonimmigrant and immigrant visa petitions.

Her expertise spans various industries, including technology, design, fashion, hospitality, and entertainment. A dedicated attorney, Fabiana has counseled artists, entrepreneurs, and academics, significantly contributing to the diverse fabric of immigration matters.

Fabiana earned her Juris Doctor from the University of Rome "La Sapienza" and holds a Master of Laws from Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law in New York, focusing on immigration law.

As a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA), the Columbian Lawyers Association, and the National Organization of Italian American Women (NOIAW), Fabiana Zangara embodies a commitment to legal excellence and community engagement.

Her role as an ambassador enhances Global B2B's worldwide network, fostering cross-border collaboration opportunities and contributing to the company's vision as a catalyst for global cooperation.