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Lucille Gomes

Ceo co-Founder

Lucille Gomes: Multilingual Innovator, Philanthropic Entrepreneur, and Global Visionary

Lucille Gomes, the driving force behind Global B2B, is a visionary leader whose impact extends beyond business to the heart of global philanthropy. As CEO and Founder, Lucille leads Global B2B in its mission to create a global platform for business exchange and economic innovation.

Fluent in six languages, she fosters partnerships across a mosaic of countries, including Vietnam, Senegal, Guinea-Bissau, France, the USA, Côte d'Ivoire, Colombia, Portugal, Cape Verde, Brazil, Dubai, Uganda, Kenya, Nigeria, Singapore, Macao, Brunei, Italy, Russia, and many others.

Her polymathic spirit is reflected in her ability to excel in diverse areas, from political communication to social and humanitarian initiatives.

Beyond the business world, Lucille is a trusted advisor in international business, collaborating with governments to navigate the complexities of global commerce. She works towards strengthening bilateral relations between countries, contributing to a harmonious global economic landscape.

In the realm of philanthropy, Lucille serves as President of the Aua Help Noma Foundation (AHN), embodying the principle that "The little we have is a lot for those who have nothing." AHN has a profound global impact, combating malnutrition, promoting education, and empowering communities.

As a leader, entrepreneur, and global visionary, Lucille Gomes embodies the spirit of Global B2B, where commerce becomes a vector for diplomatic ties, and collaboration is the cornerstone of a flourishing global community.

Perikles Mandinga


Perikles Mandinga: Global B2B Vice President and Business Visionary

Perikles Mandinga, a renowned American economist and Vice President of Global B2B, stands as a symbol of excellence in the business world. With roots tracing back to Guinea-Bissau, he seamlessly integrates his Bissau-Guinean heritage into his role as a seasoned entrepreneur based in the United States, offering a distinctive global perspective to his ventures.

Perikles has carved his career across continents, maintaining deep ties to Guinea-Bissau, Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Nigeria, Kenya, Dubai, and beyond. Enriched by his background as a former actor, his journey brings a creative flair and a profound understanding of the art of negotiation to his business endeavors.

As a dynamic entrepreneur, Perikles Mandinga has successfully led businesses that transcend borders, fostering economic growth and strengthening bilateral relations. His expertise in international relations development at Global B2B involves establishing mutually beneficial partnerships, contributing to a global network of commerce and innovation.

Beyond his entrepreneurial leadership, Perikles Mandinga passionately advocates for cultural exchange and diversity, integrating his artistic experience to offer a unique global perspective.

In his role as Vice President of Global B2B, Perikles Mandinga stands as an architect of the future, where international collaboration thrives, businesses flourish, and innovation pushes all boundaries.

Hilaire Hubert

General Manager and Editor-in-Chief of Global B2B Magazine

Hilaire Hubert : Architecte des Relations Mondiales et Rédacteur en Chef chez Global B2B

Hilaire Hubert, Directeur Général et Rédacteur en Chef chez Global B2B, est un visionnaire et stratège pragmatique. Avec une compréhension aiguisée de la géopolitique mondiale et de l'économie, il développe des initiatives favorisant des relations durables à travers les continents. Son expertise s'étend des efforts humanitaires à la diplomatie, en passant par la géo-économie, la culture, l'agriculture, l'industrie et la technologie.

Entouré d'une équipe de spécialistes, Hilaire s'engage à aligner votre identité sur des valeurs. Son intelligence professionnelle garantit l'excellence dans le développement, contribuant de manière significative aux relations bilatérales et à des retours sur investissement impactants.

*Affiliations Clés et Réalisations :*
- Membre et Partenaire de BECI, la Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie de Bruxelles en Belgique.
- Consultant pour la République de Guinée-Bissau auprès de la République Socialiste du Vietnam.
- Conseiller de Hoiana Integrated Resort et Développement au Vietnam.
- Partenaire de LE NOM Visual Communication Agency au Vietnam.
- Concepteur et Président Fondateur de BELEA, supervisant la Biennale du Luxe, du Tourisme de Luxe, de l'Agriculture et de l'Industrie à travers l'Europe, l'Afrique, l'Asie et les Amériques.

Dans le domaine des relations mondiales, Hilaire Hubert orchestre le succès, laissant une empreinte indélébile sur les industries à travers le monde. En tant que Rédacteur en Chef du magazine Global B2B, il apporte une perspective distinctive aux domaines du commerce, de l'innovation et de la collaboration internationale.

Hilaire Hubert est mandaté par S.A.R le Prince Sisowath Veakchiravuddh, Directeur de l’école de Danse Princesse Buppha Devi. Secrétaire d’Etat Conseiller auprès du Secrétariat au Cabinet de sa Majesté le Roi.

L’Ecole de Danse Classique Princesse Buppha Devi, classée par l’UNESCO au patrimoine Oral et Immatériel de l’humanité, département artistique de l’Association Buppha Devi Charity Association, Présidée par S.A.R le Prince Sisowath Veakchiravuddh, est partenaire de BELEA pour la BIENNALE Économique du Luxe Europe-Afrique.

Malika RABYI

Human Resources Advisor

Malika Rabyi: Resilient Military Leader, Humanitarian, and Well-Being Advocate

Malika Rabyi, a Major in the Belgian army with 32 years of service, lends her expertise as a Human Resources Advisor at Global B2B. Born in Morocco in 1972, she overcame breast cancer in 2014, leading to the establishment of the non-profit organization "Lumière d'espoir" in 2019. Beyond her military career, Malika holds certifications in diverse areas, including coaching.

Collaborating with BELEA Humanitarian and serving as the ambassador for World Wellness Day in Belgium, Malika passionately guides those in remission toward balance. Her dream involves creating a guesthouse in Morocco to support local women and contribute to education initiatives. At Global B2B, Malika Rabyi combines her military background, humanitarian commitment, and dedication to well-being to positively impact individuals' lives.

Henri Hubert

Marketing Advisor

HENRI HUBERT: Visionary and Marketing Strategist at Global B2B

With over 37 years of experience in the business world and 15 years of residence in Vietnam, Henri Hubert serves as a marketing advisor at Global B2B. His strategic expertise significantly contributes to market development, bringing an innovative vision to the table. Former choreographer and show director, Henri is now the creative director of Le Nom, a leading visual communication agency in Vietnam. Driven by a passion for beauty and perfection, he emphasizes the connection between outward appearance and inner essence to convey true beauty. As a marketing advisor at Global B2B, he actively engages in social initiatives, including the "Run for the Heart" program in 2017, attracting over 15,000 participants for the VinaCapital Foundation, a subsidiary of a Vietnamese multinational.

Aldo Belkouar

International Development Advisor

Aldo Belkouar: Journalist, Photographer, and International Strategic Advisor

Aldo Belkouar, a versatile professional, is a journalist, photographer, artistic director, and strategic brand advisor to prominent business leaders worldwide. With over 20 years of experience in the luxury industry, Aldo brings a 360-degree perspective to every project.

Originally from Italy and Morocco, Mr. Belkouar has professionally traversed the globe, expanding his expertise from Brazil to the United States, from France to Vietnam, and from Greece to Italy. He has traveled, lived, and cultivated relationships across five continents, offering an outstanding international outlook.

Possessing an excellent command of five languages, Aldo resides between Sao Paulo, Paris, Italy, and Vietnam, enhancing his ability to navigate diverse cultural contexts. As an international business advisor for Global B2B, Aldo Belkouar brings his diversified expertise and global experience to strengthen partnerships and foster successful international collaboration. His versatility and profound understanding of luxury make him a valuable asset within our team.

Thierry Modica

International Development Advisor

Thierry Modica: International Business Advisor for Global B2B

Thierry Modica, an international business advisor for Global B2B, epitomizes excellence in economic diplomacy and international relations. As the Chief Executive Officer of ATEM Maintenance Industrielle, a thriving SME specializing in industrial machinery maintenance, Thierry has implemented strategic decisions to strengthen global economic and social ties.

Beyond his role as a business leader, Thierry actively engages in the development of international relations as an elected official of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Aix Marseille Provence (CCIAMP). He also serves as the Vice President of Africalink, an entrepreneurs' community based in Marseille, fostering balanced economic exchanges with various regions worldwide.

His passion for international cooperation and diverse experience in economic, diplomatic, and institutional domains make him a valuable asset for Global B2B. Thierry Modica proposes the appointment of Ms. Lucille Gomez as Vice-Consul, highlighting her rigor, organizational skills, and in-depth knowledge of the territory.

Thierry Modica, through his motivation and national network, aspires to contribute to the international prominence of Global B2B. His role as an international business advisor strengthens Global B2B's mission in promoting fruitful international collaborations.